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W-OP2 is a digital electronic instrument designed for AC voltage monitoring and protection in single phase system. Used in application such as under and over voltage. When the measured voltage moves outside the set-point limit, the relay will de-energizeafter the selected time delay (Off delay).The relay will automatically reset to energize whenthe input voltage is raised past the set-point plus the hysteresis value and the adjustable delay period starts.. At the end of timed period the relay will automatically energize again. The time setting adjustment range is 0 to 15 min. Should any phase fail, the output relay will de-energize.

The W-OP2 operates automatically and shut down your motor before any damage is done. An illuminated LED indicates of actual fault that cause the trip and display “ON” indicates when the relay is energized.The last fault can be checked by pressing “∆” and the LED will show the fault condition. The case can be mounted on a DIN rail 35mm and adapter plate is available for wall mounting.

System Parameter Setting

  1. 1.Press “Set” key the LED will indicate the first system parameter (ie. “OV”), this means the controller goes to modify phase. After that, each time press the “Set” key, the controller goes to modify the next parameter.
  2. 2.After entering the modifying phase, use “r” key to increase the value by one unit, respectively.
  3. 3.Use “Set” key to end current parameter setting, and move to the next parameter. After four system parameters, the procedure of the system parameter setting is ended. At this time the display shows “ON”.
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Voltage (V) 220VAC
จำนวนเฟส (pole) 2 เฟส

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