W-PR3 380/415V 3P 4W

WIP – Phase Protector

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The W-PR3 Phase Protection Relay is a digital electronic instrument designed for AC voltage monitoring and protection in 3 phase 4 wire and 3 phase 3 wire system. Used in application such as main failure, phase sequence, phase unbalance, under and over voltage. The W-PR3 is a designed to monitor the correct phase sequence of 3 phase system. With correct phase sequence applied the output relay will energizes and remains de-energized if an incorrect sequence is applied, the display will show “Pr”. When the measured voltage moves outside the set-point limit, the relay will de-energize after the time delay, it operates automatically and shut down your motor before any damage is done. The relay will automatically reset to energize when the input voltage is raised past the set-point plus the hysteresis value and the adjustable delay period starts. At the end of timed period the relay will automatically energize again. The time setting adjustment range is 0 to 15 min. Should any phase fail, the output relay will de-energize.

AC voltage protectors offer user adjustable set-point. The set-point adjustment between 10% and 20% of the nominal supply for over voltage unit and between 2% and 20% for the under and voltage unbalance. The time delay function can be used to prevent nuisance tripping due to any phase fail. The last fault can be checked by pressing “” and the LED will show the fault condition.  Line voltage is selected with Dip switch on top (380, 400 or 415 VAC). The trip-point is automatically calculated by the microcontroller. The case can be mounted on a DIN rail 35mm and adapter plate is available for wall mounting.



Approved standard: CE Mark
Power consumption 2 VA
Input voltage: 220, 440 VAC 3Ø (Requirement) 380, 400 or 415 VAC 3Ø (Selectable)
System frequency: 50/60 Hz
Accuracy: ± 0.5% of normal voltage
Display: 7-segment Red LED Letter 0.39” (9.90mm)
Phase sequence: L1, L2, L3


Over voltage (OV): Adjustable from 10% to 20% (Requirement 10-25%)
Under voltage (UV): Adjustable from 2% to 20% (Requirement 2-25%)
Voltage unbalance (UB): Adjustable from 2% to 20% (Requirement 2-25%)
Differential (Hysteresis): Preset at 1%


Delay off: UV and UB Adjustable 0-5 sec. OV preset at 2 sec.
Time delay ON: Adjustable from 0-15 min.        

Relay output

Output type: 2-pole change over (DPDT)
Contact rating: 5A at 250VAC
Operations: Mechanical: 2 x 107 times Electrical: 1 x 105 times
Relay reset: Automatic


Operating temperature: -10oC to +55oC
Storage temperature: -10oC to +70oC
Ambient humidity: Max 85%RH


Mounting: DIN rail 35mm
Housing: ABS UL94V-0
Protection class: IP20
Wire fixing: Screw terminal block (3.5mm2 self lifting)
Indicator: LED 3mm
Dimension in mm: 55 x 76 x 106
Weight: 303 g.


[image]The product should not be dispose of a household refuse.

Product Codes

Relay Protection Code
3 Phase 4 wire Under, Over and Unbalance 6007
3 Phase 3 wire Under, Over and Unbalance 6037
ยี่ห้อ WIP
Specification & Price List WEB LINK
Voltage (V) 380VAC
จำนวนเฟส (pole) 3 เฟส

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